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Krzeszów i okolice

Every year, throngs of pilgrims and tourists come to Krzeszow to admire one of the most valuable Baroque architecture in Europe. Wealth Cistercian Abbey Basilica of St. Mary of Grace with miraculous renowned icon church. Joseph monastery abbot house and deservedly bear the name of Calvary Baroque Pearls. The complex can be visited with a guide or individual - renting audio-guide in one of four languages​​: Polish, English, German and Czech.

Basilica of the Virgin Mary


Built between 1728-1735 Cistercian abbey church. Dating and sculptures on the facade were made by the sculptor Ferdinand Brokstoffa Prague. Interior with rococo decoration, carved choir stalls and organ by A. Dorazila, frescoes - the work of J. Neunhertz, paintings by M. Willmann and P. Brandl. Marian shrine (worshiped painting "Madonna and Child" in the first half of the thirteenth century - the oldest image of the Virgin Mary in Poland, founded by the founder of the monastery - Bolek I and crowned with papal crowns by John Paul II in Legnica, June 2, 1997). The sanctuary, erected in the years 1735-1747 with rococo interior of the chapel, is the mausoleum of Piast dynasty: Bolek I and Bob II (XIV century). Distance: about 200m Strona internetowa Pokaż na mapie

Kamienna Góra Underground


Stone Mountain is located halfway between Wałbrzych and Jelenia Gora, about 6km from Krzeszow. It is full of mysteries town during the Second World War has been riddled with underground complexes like Swiss cheese holes. Today, we know about the ten underground facilities located in various parts of the city. Dug them - hands forced laborers - Germany. Among other things, in order to eventually house the design offices and factories producing aerospace structures and weapons. The project Arado is the underground laboratories of the Third Reich available for guided tours - a history lesson with a hint of emotion. Ticket prices: 10-15 PLN. Distance: 6.3 km Strona internetowa Pokaż na mapie

Janowickie Mountains


Rudawski Nature Park is located on the border belonging to the old rock, Western and Central Sudetenland. Quiet, beautiful views charmingly situated at the hiking trails in the Ore Mountains attract visitors from all over. Distance: about 20km Strona internetowa Pokaż na mapie

Colourful Lakes


Colour lakes are the four ponds at the foot of the Great Kopa (871 m) in the Ore Mountains Janowickie, arising out of the old German mine workings, the largest and oldest (back to 1785), located in the Purple Ponds, was named Hoffnung. Other mines were called Neues Glück (1793 - Blue Ponds area), and Gustav Grube (1796 - Green pond area). The mines were mined in the years 1785-1925 pyrite, converted to sulfuric acid in Ploszow. Distance: 20km Strona internetowa Pokaż na mapie

Miniature Park of Lower Silesia Monuments


Visiting Miniature Park you will read it perfectly made ​​models of castles, palaces, monasteries and town halls from the areas of Lower Silesia - all done in a scale of 1:25, except the Giant with Śnieżką, which require a larger size scale 1:50. Thumbnails are made using the latest modeling techniques. Green, natural environment, as well as filigree detail reproduction, very attractive by the already beautiful sights of the region. Ticket prices: up to £ 17. Distance: 29km Strona internetowa Pokaż na mapie

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